Across Town Courier is one of the top messenger services for a reason. Not only do we ensure that special packages are held with care, we also customize our services to accommodate any out-of-the-ordinary delivery needs.

Across Town Courier picks up and delivers more packages requiring special handling than any other courier company across East Tennessee, Georgia, Maryland and Florida. When your delivery needs are a bit out of the ordinary, ACT delivers.

We offer fast, reliable delivery service, but we specialize in handling jobs that require that something extra, we are committed to the idea of providing 1-hour-rush delivery service, 24 hours emergency delivery and next day delivery, on time every time.

Our excellent customer service is the culmination of our emphasis on investment in training and encouraging a customer driven, vibrant working environment. These are the key elements, of our commitment to our clients and the future of our company.

We firmly believe that careful planning is the key to excellent results in both personal and business activities. Therefore, when delivering either business or personal packages, it is imperative to choose a company that understands the customer’s needs and are able to fulfill their expectations.