Medical CourierIf you are a pharmacy, hospital or doctors office we have a branch specialized for you. Please visit our sister company at for more information. Here we have staff that are specifically trained and HIPAA compliant to handle any medical delivery.

Across Town Courier understands how crucial medical deliveries are, especially with patients’ lives depending on them. Our delivery professionals share your compassion for your patients, taking their health and deliveries as seriously as you do.

We offer time-critical services to ensure effective pharmaceutical and healthcare deliveries. It is this dedication that has made us one of the top Same-Day delivery providers to the medical field and the first company to call for healthcare deliveries across East Tennessee, Georgia, Maryland and Florida.
Our medical courier services are available for:

Today’s hospitals are burdened with budget cuts, increasing costs, and the urgent need to find ways to maximize efficiencies and reduce expenses. By availing our delivery services, healthcare organizations can easily and efficiently control expenses while freeing up their resources to tend to patients’ needs.

In the medical industry, every moment can determine the fate of a patient. Across Town Courier’s logistics and delivery experts understand how time can become the enemy, which is why we ensure that our same-day deliveries are time-critical. Be it for delivering medical records or specimens, labs can benefit from our efficient and affordable deliveries, consolidating their own services and cutting costs. As a result, they can deliver the best service to their patients.

Blood Banks
Blood banks across the nation face multiple challenges, especially due to safety, temperature, and timing concerns. As one of the top medical delivery providers, Across Town Courier can help by reducing the impact of these challenges through its proprietary scanning and tracking technology. As a result, life-saving blood donations and other products can reach their destinations safely.
By integrating our services with your core operations, we can take charge of collecting donations from fixed and mobile sites and deliver them to healthcare organizations that need them. We know that the blood bank industry’s needs go beyond what traditional courier companies have to offer; rest assured that we have the skills, expertise and dedication to provide the specialized delivery services you need.

Home Healthcare
Across Town Courier extends its specialized delivery services to the home health business, the fastest growing sector in the health care industry. With our help, you will swiftly receive the supplies and products you require, ensuring that you get ample time for other things aside managing your medical condition.

Since introducing this service till this day, we have delivered thousands of medical products from distribution centers across East Tennessee, Georgia, Maryland and Florida. We take pride in being known for our compassion for patients, their caregivers, and healthcare providers. Therefore, we strictly follow patients’ care plans, ensuring that they receive their required products on time and ultimately contributing to their health.